1. Find Your Purpose.

Dear Reader,

Okay, you caught me. I don’t own an empire. Most of you have never heard of me, or if you have, its because you’re a member of my family, or a friend of mine that is humoring me after I asked them to click the link on my facebook or instagram bio.

For the small percentage of you who’ve stumbled upon my blog through other means, please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL ME HOW YOU FOUND ME. I am dying to understand the ever changing algorithms of being social these days!!

Awesome. Where was I?

Yes, you caught me. I don’t actually own an empire. But I am confidently steering in the direction of building one. The bricks of which, I’ve noticed, once to have belonged to the people who threw them at me.

How cliche of me to say. Whatever. Bring it on!

In truth, I’ve had this everlasting, what’s the word, demand?, desire?, necessity?, to create a future of epic proportions. Since I was a child, really. Therefore, I did what most people do with similar grand desires; I moved to Hollywood. This makes me exactly the same as everyone else.

In fact, I am so the-same as everyone that you really couldn’t pick me out of a sea of desperate people spending every dime they have on their solitary American dream….That is, if it weren’t for the fact that I were different.

Wait, what?

I’m different. I am the exception, not the rule, one: because I threw out my rule book about 2 years into living in this god-forsaken Hollywood circus, and two: because you’ve decided to read my words, as opposed to reading someone else’s, who’s words are also different than these. Therefore, I am not the same as them.


I thought long and hard about how this blog will help you, my reader. (I was told in order to start a blog I needed to have a purpose in doing so. And I believed them because I already understand that anything anybody actively pursues in this world should have a purpose).

So here we are.

No, I don’t have an empire yet. But, I am on my way to building one. And I decided to write a blog about my journey as it’s happening, so that someone somewhere who, too, has complicated, highly improbable, ambitious goals, might read this and benefit from my mistakes. Yes, there will be plenty. No, I will not censor myself about them.

More-so, I would also like to reach those readers who have JUST moved to Hollywood, again, so that you may read something I’ve written as a way of avoiding the evils lurking in the shadows of a giant shit show. (I would advise those who do not like shits or shows to turn away from Los Angeles and head home. Consider this your only chance before I say, “I told you so.”).

Blog entry one is now complete. But if you’re feeling adventurous, check out my latest web series, CUBAN CARPOOL, premiering on Youtube this January 1st. The link is posted down below.

Wow, that was so social of me to say.

I’ll pat myself on the back for that, while you click play.

That rhymed. 🙂






  1. Hola. I read your first two blog posts and send my congrats. I think you have something to say and something worth listening to. I just started my blog (thecubaphotos.com) too so I know how scary and daunting it seems. It was such a pleasure, and relief, to see the second photo of your crib. You do good work. Keep it up girl. Adalante!


  2. Dear Empress,

    Are you absolutely sure you want this empire? Just maintaining the biffs can be overwhelming.

    the janitor


    • The Janitor,

      Just because something is overwhelming doesn’t make me want to do it any less, if it’s truly something I want, of course.



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