2. Clean Out Your Shit.

Holy shit! I’m naked in that photo! What?!

Okay, great. Moving on.

This is my apartment right now, (That’s not my dog), (You didn’t even realize there was a dog in there did you?). And there’s a perfectly logical explanation for this:


  1. I’m too busy to clean it. (That’s a lie).
  2. I’m burnt out and I’ve lost all motivation to do anything. (Another a lie).
  3. It’s the holidays! (The ultimate excuse).
  4. I’m waiting for the new year so that I can “start over.” (That’s not a real thing).
  5. Some dude broke my heart and I’ve lost all sense of pride (Girl, please).
  6. I’ve grown lazy. (Yes).

It’s my own damn fault. Call me what I am. I’ve grown lazy AF.

Why am I lazy? Because I have successfully accomplished Step One (see previous post), and then I stopped.  I said, “Great, wow, job well done, I’m such a hard worker, I know what I want now, that’s enough, I’ll let the UNIVERSE HANDLE IT from here.”

Lol. Stupid.

Beyond being able to find a purpose in what you are doing, it is my understanding that simply stating something is not enough for things to evolve and progress in a forward motion. It’s much like praying. Praying doesn’t work without the commitment to practice what you preach.

(For all you religious people, I believe in God, but from what you’ve told me, God acts through me…. So, if I don’t ACT to fulfill my end of the bargain, ain’t no God here, is there???)

I’m just sayinggggg…

You are not a child. You have more power than that. You ARE the freaking universe. Handle it your own damn self.

In other words, you must sit with yourself and make the very hard decision to DO SOMETHING about the things you want for yourself. Stop making excuses, stop playing the victim, stop sleeping your day away, clean out your closet, wash your sins away, IDK, go on a juice cleanse! Poop! Whatever the F analogy you need me to say for you to understand that 1) It is OKAY to have accumulated baggage over the years and 2) it is absolutely ludicrous to continue to store it in your closet if the zipper is broken.

Let’s be logical about this:

Broken baggage will not help you at the airport. The people standing in the TSA line will judge you as your shit keeps falling out of your bag because the damn zipper wont close. Read that again: PEOPLE WILL JUDGE YOU. And they will never forgive you for making them miss their flight. Don’t be that person. Save yourself, save those around you, and Throw. That. Shit. Out.

Take everything that is broken; the luggage, the shoes, the book shelf, your dignity, your childhood, your relationship, your dreams…if it’s broken, let it go. Say goodbye, or let airport security handle it. The point is to NEVER SEE IT AGAIN. It no longer serves you. It’s freakin broken.

Buy a new luggage, take good care of it, and start to fill it with the non-shitty things you need in order to fulfill your purpose. Ain’t nobody else gonna do it for you. You must ACT alone.

Be like God. God doesn’t travel with broken down K-MART luggage. God has Gucci.

Be Gucci. Clean that shit up.


(Still not my dog).









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