3. List Or It Never Happens.

Before we proceed any further with our new blogger / reader relationship, I must warn you that I will use two specific names on a reoccurring basis. Those names are Julana and Iohana. No, they are not related. Yes, it’s weird that their names rhyme. Let’s call it fate, shall we? Or rather, we’ll call it funny. Because it is.


These two women will be in most stories that I tell here. They are my LA best friends (I’m telling you right now, all you new people, you need some besties for survival purposes. These women are primarily the reason why I haven’t died in a ditch somewhere within theses caca streets of Hollywood).

My point is, this post will include her name in it, so you might as well become familiar with her now. You can follow her on instagram @Julana if you feel so inclined (Wow, look how social I’m being, again! Yasss!).

I digress.


Lists are important. The writing of them, anyway. Any successful ANYBODY, I guarantee you, writes a bunch of lists. For a purpose, of course. For means of organization, obviously. It also might be a twitch of compulsion, which lets be honest, we all have our crazy. In truth, it might behoove you, (who uses that word behoove?), it might behoove you to make list-writing one of your crazies.

Write that down.

Now, take a seat, grab a cookie, and LISTen to my story.

Julana and I got really drunk once in the middle of the day, at a bar called the Rusty Mullet, right around this time of year, last year, in 2016. It was right around New Years and we contemplated about all the reasons why we did not have the things that we wanted, after trying so hard the whole year to accomplish, well, anything, really. We are huge “Self-help book” fans and nothing that we learned from reading was helping us.

The reality of the matter is that sometimes you will put in a ton of effort, try and try and keep trying, and nothing will happen. Sorry, that’s life.

Well, actually…it’s not.

Surely, SOMETHING must happen when energy is expelled in any direction. The fact that nothing happened means we were doing it wrong.

The real reason why nothing was working in our favor was because the energy we were expelling was unfocused; being thrown out in multiple directions, rather than being extended at the thing we were aiming at. Just like that one scene in Harry Potter, with the dude, and the feather!

Sorry, I don’t know Harry Potter well enough to give you any more description of the scene I’m referring to (I just lost a whole bunch of readers by admitting that I don’t know Harry Potter, didn’t I?).

It was only when Julana and I, in our drunken superhero like state, started writing stuff down on bar napkins, in list format, mind you, that we were able to understand why our previous attempts at success had fallen flat.

What lists do is that they allow your brain to register the information in a way that it can process. If it is able to assess your thoughts in a linear pattern, then it will be able to retain the information to be used when needed.

Okay, here comes the science lesson. Prepare yourselves.

Your brain retains information in the following three ways:

  1. Visually
  2. Experientially
  3. Aurally

Using one is good, two is better, but using all three is best.

A List is a VISUAL representation of what you will need to do in order to get what you want. By writing it down, you are teaching your brain that is it a REAL THING to be attained and experienced, and by READING IT BACK to yourself, you are solidifying the tasks at hand.

When Julana and I left the bar that day, I completely lost my bar napkin list of LA dreams, but I will tell you that I was still able to accomplished what I had written on it.

But, Jacqueline, if you lost the list, how do you know you accomplished what was on it??

Because, Skywalker, the list was a compilation of everything I had been telling myself that I wanted to do, but failing at, since moving out to LA. After writing it down once and reading it back to myself once, I KNEW what was on it. (See science lesson above. ;))

It doesn’t matter if you never see your physical list again, what matters is that you retain the information visually, experientially, and aurally so that your brain learns that those are concrete things that need to be gotten.

You must teach yourself that energy cannot be placed on mere thoughts and air. Energy must be focused in the direction of the thing you wish to change. A thing that must also exist in the physical world.

Do this now: Write down your goals for the new year and hold the piece of paper up in the air as proof that they now are real things that exist and need to be conquered. It’s better, also, if you stand like a superhero while doing so (Note: You will look crazy to those around you, but like I said, lists should be added to your almanac of crazy behavior).

And remember this: Real things can be conquered. Thoughts are just air.

Write that down too. That’s good.



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