This week, Jacqueline sits down with Jeff Zimbalist, owner of All Rise films, to catch up about new projects and life stories. Jeff talks about his new films, including the new Netflix docuseries REMASTERED, and his process for producing multiple films per year. Other topics include what it takes to “make it,” where good ideas come from, the sacrifices of being successful, the differences between hard work and dumb luck, and some more stories from abroad.

Jacqueline jumps on the mic this week to lay it all out, without any f**ks given. In this episode Jacqueline talks about the stupidity of LA for shutting down an entire blvd over a pair of shoes, the crazy dream she had that might correlate to the results of her recent video game audition, and how she dreads the fact that Emily has now downloaded an app that can communicate with the spirits and beyond.

Jacqueline sits with actress, filmmaker, and author Gabrielle Stone to talk about the release of Stone’s new book, “Eat, Pray, #FML” and what it’s like to have relationships in Los Angeles. Other Topics include: Getting cheated on, Learning to love yourself, and how to find your power after getting dumped.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programing to bring you this Weekly CACA Exclusive episode: Actress, Emily Humble, tries to convince Jacqueline to go on a Ghost hunt with her. Jacqueline and Emily talk about “Buzzfeed Unsolved”, exchange real life ghost stories, and build up the courage to explore some of Los Angeles’ most haunted places.

Jacqueline starts to find her grove and premieres new music from Connor Cherland, talks about how Jim Carrey shaped her decision for picking the right college, shares her thoughts on the new show Kidding on Showtime, and releases her 6 min set from her first time performing in the Original Room at the World Famous Comedy Store.



Jacqueline Marie celebrates her 4 year LA anniversary by struggling through self-producing her first podcast episode, to talk about what its like being new to stand up comedy. Other topics include, having an identity crisis at 28, being “not latina enough” and looking back on 4 years of trying to “make it.”